Ordering Info

Ordering info

Each Wahnooyak is a custom work and begins with a custom order. Wood selection, special features, intended uses and custom options are considered on an individual basis. Email us at info@wahnooyak.com to inquire about or place an order.

Cedar is the preferred wood for the hull, but that can be varied as well as the grain orientation. Various or several trim woods can be used for your boat. Locust is our preference but many hardwoods are suitable. A Wahnooyak can be built with several techniques to make it more durable or lighter, depending on your preference. If you have any special requests, favorite colors or custom ideas, let us know.

Delivery of your Wahnooyak can be by conventional shipping (crated and trucked) or by direct delivery (cartop) especially if you live in the Northwest. Or you may pick up your Wahnooyak, at your preference when it is finished. We can arrange shipping as part of your order.