Future Models

Future Models

The Wahnooyak is a new design which can be configured to meet a variety of uses. Several variations are already planned:

The “Soli” 2817.

The current Soli 2215 is a capable, efficient watercraft well suited to the experienced paddler, especially kayakers who are comfortable with narrow beam boats. For the less experienced paddler or those wanting greater stability and load capacity, Wahnooyak plans to offer a wider, longer version of the Soli. With a 28” beam the wider shallow arch design of the Soli 2817 will offer greater initial stability while maintaining good secondary stability. A longer length of approximately 17’ will maintain the fine lines of the Wahnooyak and add greater capacity for larger paddlers and extra gear. Not yet in production but can be ordered.

The “Tandi” 2819

The Tandi will be a tandem canoe following the lines of the Soli 2817, stretched to approximately 19’ to provide greater capacity for two people and their gear. The bow and stern will maintain the style of the Wahnooyak with a shorter rear deck and bulkhead behind the aft seat. The Tandi should be a unique, efficient hull for couples who enjoy flat water touring and camping. Not yet in production but can be ordered.

The “Little Bird”

The Little Bird is planned as a conventional symmetrical hull canoe patterned on the forward (bow) half of the Tandi. Narrower and longer than most two person canoes, the Little Bird should offer efficient paddling for two people and their gear. Not yet in production but can be ordered.

The “R1”

A concept under development, the R1 would transform the basic lines of the Soli 2215 to a longer, narrower flat water racing version of the Wahnooyak. Not available until a prototype has been tested.

The “Kallispell”

The Salish tribes of the lakes and rivers of what is now North Idaho and surrounding areas built a unique “Sturgeon nosed” canoe. Traditionally built with a lashed wooden frame and covered with the inner bark of White Pine, Wahnooyak plans to offer a woodstrip version of this fine design. The Sturgeon nose and tail minimize wind effect and provide a fine entry and exit for an efficient hull with excellent tracking. A traditional design that is not yet in production, but can be ordered.

A fully decked Wahnooyak

Not even on the drawing board yet, someday we plan to offer a Wahnooyak styled kayak for openwater touring.